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Book Is done and Available!

Finished the book and Put it on Amazon as an ebook. If I met you on my trip there is a good chance your in the book! check it out



The Book is being written

You can follow the progress on the book and get a snek peek at the Intro on its own Facebook Page here


Video now on youtube!

I have edited my video diary of the Kayak trip and uploaded it to google.

Its just me talking no David Attenbourgh stuff!

And sorry but its a bit long! 2h 37mins!


I have just mapped out my trip on google earth, I travelled 1100 miles = 1770km the most I did one day was 32 miles about 50km (felt like 50 miles!!)

I have not even looked at editing the Video diary yet but it will happen!

If anybody has any pics of me on the trip please e-mail them to me as I don’t have a lot of me in the kayak. dannywilks76@hotmail.com

Cheers Danny

Beach find identified

I found what appeared to be a large tooth on a beach in Alaska. I asked lots of people what it was and got answers ranging from bear claw to whales tooth is has been identified as a Sea Lions tooth so along with my Glass fishing net ball from Japan two great finds in Alaska


Back in Canada!

Had an Amazing time after I left Ketchikan! my first day out I wanted to make it to a forestry cabin at the mouth of Belm canal. But the weather was real bad the waves were wild beasts! and they were bouncing of the rocks so coming at me from both directions. but I stuck at it and made it, my first thought when i landed was you bloody plonker I should never of been out in those waves!!


Second day I made it to Winstanly Island, there was a cabin there but someone was in it, luckly there were some beach babes there also 4 girls from Sitka/California. I had caught a good Coho Salmon on the way there which we all enjoyed. The girls were great company and as they were leaving the gave me all there spare goodys! Mmmm they were great!! they told me all about the Misty Fjords And I decided to head there strait away!

Took me 4h to get to the campsite at punchbowl cove, rested up and the next day I hiked up to the lock at the top and took a canoe out for a spin prefer the kayak! It Rained cats and dogs for the next 3 days so I hide in my hammock. But on the 4th day a group students turned up, so I hanged about with them for a couple of days and got to go out for a kayak with them.


Then I headed back to Winstanly Island and got stuck there for 3 days due to real bad weather! then just went for it and made my big break for Canada thinking that was it for my Alaskan leg, but no.

A boat aproched me and the guy said there was a camp of kayak fishermen up ahead and I was invited to join them for dinner which was great cos the extra time in the rain had depleted my supply’s and i lost my lures for fishing!

It was great! food was awesome and the next day I hung out with them to see the salmon run up a creek, and after I decided to go out and watch them fish from the kayaks which i seen them catch 60/70 pound halibut! its a site to see, made me want a fishing kayak!

The guys were great Dave, Danny, Brian, Howard, Pat, Alan, and all the rest whose names i cant remember!  I got to stay up late and drink beer pee in the ocean and watch the bio luminescence swirl, it was a real highlight of my trip!

Anyway had to say goodbye and head for the border, Danny from New York gave me a pair of gloves he didn’t need, Which proved to be a life saver as the weather was the worst yet and there was nowhere to stop and take cover the waves were hitting the rocks and blasting 20 feet in the air! so I had 9  hours of paddling like a crazy man till i got past it all. I was beat up at the end but really pleased with myself for being able to do it.

So thats it for now Im in Prince Rupert taking it easy!! anybody want to by a Kayak???



kicked out of Alaska!

It’s all went wrong! went to immigration to tell them I arrived in Ketchikan the day before I didn’t on the day I got here cos I needed to sort myself out after 7 weeks on the water!

I was told it’s a 5.000 dollar fine for not doing it as soon as i docked. then told I needed a visa to come here in a pleasure craft which costs 600 bucks and needed it before I entered which is also a band on ever setting foot in USA again.

Also Canada immigration did not stamp my passport last time I left USA so the thought I had been in the usa all this time and I had to prove I was in Canada.

After 5 hours of explaining myself managed to convince them to drop the fines as there was no sign in the dock I tied up to. and I wouldn’t call my kayak a pleasure craft!

They did give me enough time to explore the misty fjords on my way out and the customs guy was a good guy just a extremely f**ked up government.

not planing on ever setting foot in USA again! my video diary is going to be a bit bitter over the next few days as some of the interrogation was not to my liking!

now abit worried about getting into Canada!

Cheers Danny